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ALA Newborn Litters

Proud Ala Accredited Breeders announce their new labradoodle litters.

ALA Available Puppies

Peace of mind with a labradoodle puppy from an ALA Accredited Breeder.

All ALA accredited breeders are required to submit all breeding stock in their programs for Registration with the ALA.
Read the instructions provided below for the registration processes carefully.
Please submit all certificates and paperwork as listed. Failure to submit correct applications will incur a $20 penalty.

For any questions regarding the registration process and for submission of completed registration forms and associated documents please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Entire Breeding Dog

  • Breeding Dog Registration Application
    For dogs with no previous ALA registration or Rego Number, who have completed their health testing requirements.
  • Upgrade to Breeding Dog Registration Application
    For dogs that are already registered with the ALA, but are now upgrading to Breeding Registration from ALA Entire Puppy Registration and have completed all health testing requirements.


Non -ALA Breeding Dog Rego: $40
ALA bred puppy Upgrade to Breeding Dog Rego: $20
All Entire Dogs must have Microchip identification.

Please name attachments starting with the type of document:

Pedigree -PED
Photo - PIC

Next use your official kennel abbreviated prefix, followedby first dogs registered name.
For example - Rocky Creek Irish Crystal will be PED RC Irish Crystal (for pedigree attachment); PIC RC Irish Crystal (for photo) etc.
Naming your files like this would be much appreciated in order to provide you with a more efficient service.


Required Inclusions:

  1. Pay: Copy of PayPal or Direct Deposit Payment
  2. Ped: Pedigree. Please include as much detail as possible (e.g. size, coat type,colour, generation etc).
  3. Hips: Copy of Hip Score or Scores (ALA will accept pennHip, AVA style and OFA as acceptable hip assessments)
  4. Elbows: Elbow Scores
  5. DNA Testing: Copy of DNA Profile and full breed screen from Orivet.

    ** Please note as International patents limit Orivet's ability to issue official certification for PRA-prcd status, as Clear By Parentage/pedigree cannot be ascertained by Orivet for these dogs.  So when breeders are registering new labradoodle bloodlines where there is no parentage history of PRA testing available, the ALA requires that these dogs also submit a PRA test result from GTG (Genetic Technologies).

  6. Rego: Copy of Puppy ALA Registration certificate for ALA bred dogs.
  7. Pic: Photo one only, Side Standing, with head facing camera. Please make the effort to send a quality photo resized to be under 150 kb, as it will be visible to all users of the database.
  8. Excel: Excel Application Form *** This is a modified version of the old excel spreadsheet
    On the excel spreadsheet the fields with heading in Red are compulsory, the rest are optional andonly need to be entered if they are different from the original puppy registration (e.g. if dog has grown to a size different from puppy registration or has changed colour e.g. chocolate to cafe'
  9. Extra Inclusions (not required): Copy of any additional health testing certificates.

By submitting this application; I confirm that all information is to the best of my knowledge; true and correct and I am aware that falsifying pedigrees is a breach of the current ALA Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations, resulting in possible fines and/or suspension. The resulting certificate remains the property of the Australian Labradoodle Assoc. Inc and must be surrendered on demand.

ALA Litter Registration

Each puppy will be registered with the ALA and you will receive a registration form for each puppy. The registration forms will be delivered via email.
All puppies must have Micro-chip Identification.
Please name all attachments as per instructions above for Dog Registrations



$20 per puppy - e.g. a litter of six pups will have a total fee of $120 payable.


Required Inclusions:

  1. Pay: Copy of PayPal or Direct Deposit Payment. (Do NOT combine payments)
  2. Ped: Pedigree. (only one pedigree of one pup from the litter needs to be provided - do not attach a pedigree for each pup.)
  3. De-Sex: Signed letter from Vet outlining desexing details. This should have the registered names of the parents the date of birth of the litter, the date of desexing and microchip numbers of the pups desexed. Optional ALA Form provided below.
  4. Stud: Complete Details if You Are Not the Owner of the Stud Dog. Download available below.
  5. Excel: Excel Litter Registration Form (see instructions below).

All documents must be specific to that litter and not have the details of other litters included on them.


Litter Registration Form

A Litter Registration Form (Excel Spreadsheet) will be generated by the Registrar for each litter you need to register.


For a Litter to be registered you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Submit Breeding Notification Form (see separate instructions for this procedure)
  2. The Registrar will respond to the Breeding Notification Form by sending you a Litter Registration Form specific to that litter, this form must be used for that litter and cannot be used for any other litter.
  3. Fill out the Litter Registration Form, you will need to enter the Name of the puppy, Owner of the puppy and the Microchip details, the rest of the information is selected from “drop-downs”.
  4. If the Breeding is not successful, please inform the Registrar at the time you become aware of this.
  5. At the top of the form is a Reference Number and the Registration Fee Amount, please use this Reference Number when remitting the registration fee for this litter.
  6. Email the Litter Registration Form and all other related documents (see above) to Registrar. Please use the Litter Reference Number in the Subject of the email (and in any correspondence relating to this litter)
  7. Do NOT submit multiple litters in the one email

Transfer of Dog Ownership

Transfer or lease or ownership of ALA registered Labradoodle.