The ALA hopes that the ALA Accredited Breeders list will become a valuable tool for all prospective labradoodle owners and breeders. The ALA Accredited Breeders list is comprised of Breeders who have:
  • Joined the ALA

  • Signed the ALA’s Code of Ethics

  • Registered their Prefix with the ALA

  • Record all litters with the ALA

  • Heath tested and DNA tested all breeding stock

What this means to people looking for a reputable breeder is:

The Breeder

  • Has agreed to follow the policies and procedures set up by the ALA to help ensure that the Labradoodle does not become just a cross breed but a healthy and sound breed of dog for future generations to enjoy.

  • Has signed the Code of Ethics, which covers everything from:

    • The proper care of their breeding stock
    • That no puppies will be wholesaled
    • That no puppies are destroyed at birth because of unwanted colour, coat type etc...
    • That all puppies receive proper vaccination and vet care
    • That no dogs will be sold into unsuitable environments
    • That all dogs sold by the breeder in need of re-homing will be given the breeders assistance in doing so
    • That written details be provided to purchasers covering diet, training,and veterinary care
    • That the breeder will not misrepresent the qualities of the labradoodle
    • That all breeding stock is tested and comes from bloodlines tested against HD, PRA, and Elbow dysplasia whenever possible
  • Is required to register their prefix (which is the title that goes before the name of all puppies bred by them), it also requires that the puppies have a permanent form of identification, and that all puppies bred by them will be recorded and eligible for registration with the ALA.

  • Is required to register their breeding stock.

  • Is required to submit a puppy recording application for all litters so that all puppies sold by them are eligible for registration with the ALA. Breeders are to supply purchasers with ALA paperwork membership details and a puppy recording-certificate. These recording certificates entitle the puppy registration with the ALA.

  • The Breeder by submitting their breeding stock and litters for registration and recording will be ensuring the buyer of correct pedigrees and the eligibility to register their dogs. The ALA registration also notes what generation your Labradoodle is by using the ALA’s current grading system.

    NOTE: If anyone has information about one of the ALA’s Accredited Breeders not following the ALA’s Accredited Breeders guidelines please inform us immediately so that we can investigate the situation.

    The ALA has provided a form to ensure that all accredited breeders are held accountable to the ALA’s guidelines. Click here to lodge a complaint.